Having opened for business on May 1, 1965, El Toro Land and Cattle (ETLC) is a mainstay in the Southern California feedlot industry. Between the Heber and McCabe yards, ETLC has the ability to house and feed out 27,000 head of cattle within the 232 pen operation. Capacities range between 70-160 head per pen, all with specific feeding guidelines predetermined at our mill. The mill is a computer controlled batch mixer with extreme accuracy. Seven rations are available for the well-being of the cattle while maximizing performance. The feed is weighed into each corral by electronic truck scales. ETLC has a licensed nutritionist and veterinarian on staff. All cattle are individually identified upon arrival and followed through the feeding period. ETLC is a certified feedlot for "Age and Source Verified Cattle" as well as "Vintage Natural Beef", both programs paying premiums for cattle being procured by National Beef Packing Co.