Customers may choose many different types of Export Packaging to suit their individual needs.

Packaging types:

3-Tie Full Bale Bulk
3-Tie Full Bale / Wrapped (8 x 12 bale packages or 12 x 12 bale packages)
3-Tie ½ Cut Bale Bulk
3-Tie ½ Cut Bale / Wrapped (16 x 24 bale packages or 24 x 24 bale packages)
Poly Sleeve Chopped Big Bale - Imperial Valley Only
Poly Sleeve MAG Big Bale (8 cut or 16 cut) - Imperial Valley Only
Approximate Bale Weights (each):                               

3-Tie Full Bales
125lbs (56.5KG)
3-Tie 1/2 Cut Bales 62.5lbs (28KG)
Poly Sleeve Chopped Big Bales 920lbs (417KG)
Poly Sleeve Alfalfa Chopped Big Bales 970lbs (440KG)
Poly Sleeve MAG Big Bales (8 or 16 cut) 970lbs (440KG)