Currently, the company has hay operations in the Imperial Valley and Oregon.

Imperial Valley Hay Operations

Imperial Valley Forage Hay products include Alfalfa Hay, Sudan Grass Hay, Bermuda Grass Hay, Klein Grass Hay, and Bermuda Grass Straw. Our modern compressing and storage facility is located at 1469 La Brucherie Road, El Centro, California 92243. This facility has 4 double compression machines and the capacity to store up to 70,000 tons of Forage hay products. It is also the location of our main business and sales office.

The Imperial Valley

The Imperial Valley

Oregon Hay Operations

Oregon Forage Hay products include Fescue Straw, Rye Grass Straw, Orchard Straw, and Bent Straw. The facility is operated with our Joint Venture Partner, OR-PAC Feed and Forage, and is located at 91780 Greenhill Road P.O. Box 352 Junction City, OR 97448. They currently operate one double compression machine and have a storage capacity of 15,000 tons.