Export Hay

El Toro Export, LLC is a leading trader of Forage hay products from California’s Imperial Valley and the Willamette Valley of Oregon. The Forages we trade include Alfalfa Hay, Sudan Grass Hay, Bermuda Grass Hay, Klein Grass Hay, Bermuda Grass Straw, Fescue Straw, Rye Grass Straw, Orchard Straw, and Bent Straw. Markets served include China, Japan, Middle East, South Korea, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

We have modern Compressing and Transportation operations in California and Oregon to support the efficient handling and movement of these commodities to their foreign destinations. Our operations insure the complete traceability of all products from their field point of origin to their destinations with management systems in place to insure the quality, safety and integrity of each shipment.

In addition, each facility has substantial storage capacity to protect the quality of the commodities we handle from the time they are harvested up until they’re shipped.